Septics101 Chapter 4: Septic System Maintenance

Septics101 Chapter 4: Septic System Maintenance

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Keeping your septic system functioning properly is important for the health of you and your family. A clogged or broken septic system can lead to unpleasant odors, sewage backup in the home, damage to floors and walls, and a costly repair bill. Here are some simple tips that will help keep your septic system running like new:

-Keep it covered! Protecting your yard from excess rainwater runoff will prevent groundwater from entering the tank.

-Find out if you need a leach field. Some areas have stricter rules about how close homes can be built to septic tanks (particularly in rural areas).

-Use only biodegradable products when cleaning around the house – many household cleaners contain ingredients that are harmful to a septic system.

-Use the toilet less often and take shorter showers. This will lessen your burden on the septic tank by making it work less hard to digest all this extra wastewater.

-Get an annual professional inspection.

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